My 10th Birthday!!!

One Saturday in  March is what my 10th birthday. I couldn’t believe I was double digits I was so excited. For my party which was on that day I went to Luna Park with a few friends, the rides were AWESOME and fun and also scary!!! Me and my friends wanted to go on  this ride that went all the way around Luna Park and I wanted to go of course but we had to wait 45 minutes to go on this ride because it was a long line but it was definitely worth the wait. I brought 2 friends but one of them didn’t want to go on one of the rides because it went upside down but me and my other friend went on it, and I think it was one of the most scariest rides I’ve ever been on it went upside down and then it stoped when we were upside down and then 10 seconds later in went back down really fast it was so fun. My other friends have never been so it was a very good experience for them. After we leaved Luna Park we went back home and got dressed  up because my family was coming over. For my cake I had a Rainbow cake the reason why it’s called that is because inside it rainbow colours it was very yummy. Also one of my friends slept over to we went to bed a 2:00am and had pancakes and Nutella!!!!!!!

The presents I got was:

A mini jar of Nutella (which I LOVE)

A Blanket

2 tops

2 pairs of leggings

nail polish

a bag

body cream (strawberry flavour)

lip balm (strawberry)

Crystal bear


Metro radio with a phone on it

And I got a lot of money I got $520 dollars which is a lot.

This was probably the best birthday ever!!!


Interschool SPORTS!!!

Hi all the 5s and 6s play interschool sports. Interschool sports means that we verse other schools in different sports the sports are:




Volley stars

I am in Volley stars with Emilie, Katrina, Mia.M, Sarah.F, Sarah.D, Talia.G, Olivia, Jasmine.W( who is the captain)  Shenalie, Gurleen, me Mia.G and Bianka. I love playing volley stars because I’ve never played volley stars and it’s something new but so far I really enjoy it. I am a little bit bad on my serving but sometimes I am good. I think I am the tallest and I do very powerful hits which is good for our team because the other school drops the ball then we WIN POINTS. So far we have won 2 tied 2 and lost 1 I think that’s right I am not exactly sure. Thanks for reading my post and I’ll see you next time. Bye!!!:)


Hi I play Basketball. I love playing basketball, I do trainings on Thursday and games on Saturday. My team is called the Wildcats there are 7 people in my team that’s including me. I have learnt so much skills. I have a girl coach and she is AWESOME. Right now it is the end of the season so we have a 4 or 5 week break. When we go back we will be in different teams and different age groups. This is how we are put into teams the people who run basketball decide which teams you go in by knowing what age you are then we are graded which means where we are on the ladder right now we are 3rd. I am so excited to do back!!! And I will tell you plenty more that’s for sure:) Bye!!


Art in 5/6 S

Hi everyone today I am going to be telling you about some art work that we have been doing in 5/6 S it has been really fun, some of the art that my class have been doing are:

.The Emu art by Wendy Binks who is a fantastic artist.

.The Name art that Mrs Smith decided for us to do.

.The Cow art which we are working on.

Our Name art and our Emu art are up on 5/6 S corridor wall and I am sure our cow art will be to.

Thanks for reading and look out for more posts and art work. Bye:)



About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Mia. Thier  are five people in my family their is me my Mum my Dad my Sister and my little baby brother, their names are Andrew, Vicky, Katherine, me and my brother Athan. I play basketball my team is called the Wildcats and I love playing basketball. I have no pets but I am going to get a dog soon and I am really excited. Thanks for reading my first post. Bye:)