Anzac Day Reflection

On Saturday the 25th of April it was Anzac Day. I didn’t go to any service but I watched in on my T.V. I can’t believe it was 100 years ago that our soldiers fought for our country. A lot of things happened on Anzac Day like Dawn Services, Footy games and plenty of other things. On Friday our school and a little ceremony in our church it was very nice, some people had brought things like hats, photos and lots of other things it was a beautiful display. It was also important because our local MP came and talked to us about things and presented the school with a new Australian flag. It was a very nice ceremony. In our class over the past 2 weeks we have been doing lots of stuff on Anzac Day like reflections, cutting out  poppy’s, reading books about Anzacs and visiting sites about Anzac Day. I’ve really enjoyed learning about Gallipoli and all our soldiers who fought for our country some of the things I learnt was over 10,000 Australians died it was very sad. I feel really sad for all families and Anzacs, but I am also proud of them. Do you feel proud of them?



Hi everyone, on the first day of term 3 the year 5/6s are gong to camp I am so excited we are going to Mount Evelyn. I am really excited because we get to get away from school and have fun. My sister has been and she said it was amazing. I already know some things that we are doing like flying fox, leap of faith, red faces and that’s all I know but I know we are going to more stuff, and apparently the food is really good. I am so excited I actually can’t wait I am looking forward to everything we will be doing I think it will be awesome actually it will be. The flying fox in I think you hold on to a handle and you fly across the pole thing, the leap of faith is you are harnessed on and you just fall down and while you are flying you can or you don’t have you try and grab a ball and everything sounds so fun. Do you want to go to camp?


My Holidays!!!

On the holidays I did some exciting things. I had Greek Easter which was fun because Catholics and Greeks have different Easters. I went shopping, I went to see the new movie Home, I went to go carts, sat on the couch watching T.V, watching football (GO HAWKS), SLEEP IN. When I woke up on Greek Easter I saw Easter Eggs I was so excited there were inside and outside the funniest place I saw an Easter egg was in my Dad’s truck on the drivers seat. After I finished that I went to my grandparents house and all my cousins were there  as well. For food they had pig on a spit and it was really nice they had some other foods to. I did a lot of shopping my favourite things that I got were my flats, my jeans, my necklace and 2 tops. The new movie home was amazing my favourite character is Oh. I went go carting and that was really fun I been there before so it was easy. Watching T.V was really nice especially when I watched the footy and when Hawthorn played. I loved my holidays and I wished I had more time. Tell me how your holidays went in the comments!!!