Updates on our class….

There has been so many new changes in 5/6S. We have stared our Voice Box, and Mrs Smith has read all of them, I am so excited for the outcome. We have also all researched our Saints and now we will report what we have found to Mrs Smith. My Saint is Mary Mackillop, even the year 5’s do it to but it’s a good way to learn about Saints. There will be more updates on our class.


Updates on our class….

Last week I said each week I will tell you updates on our class and that’s what I doing today. This week we have started our Voice Box it’s so cool and Mrs Smith has already read some. We also have been doing a lot of art we have completed Our Crazy Cows, 3 panels. I will have more updates next week.

What has been happening in you class?


Winter Interschool Sports!!!

Winter interschool sports has finally come, and I am so excited. Interschool sports is here and there are 4 different sports there are:





I was put in football but I did not want to be in it, so I got moved to T-ball and I am very happy there. I think for all 4 rounds of Winter Interschool Sports we play 2 school in 1 day. So we are gone basically the whole day. We are playing tomorrow, and everyone is so excited.

What sport would you like to play?


My Life

About 2 weeks ago I said that I will try to put something up every week that you can read, and today I am. Last Friday my parents said next year and the end of June that we will go to Hawaii, I was so excited, and I felt so happy.We are going for 2 weeks, and we are going to stay at Honolulu. I was so excited that I don’t know why I started making a list of what to bring. I have never been there before and I have heard so much about it though.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?



Port Melbourne!!!

On Saturday I went to Port Melbourne. Port Melbourne is so nice I really enjoyed it, my Uncle has a apartment and it’s really nice inside. We went to a restaurant called ‘The Pier’, the food there was amazing I ordered a Lamb Souvlaki Salad, it was delicious. Port Melbourne is around St Kilda I think, and it has a lovely beach, shops, restaurants and lots more amazing stuff. I really enjoyed Port Melbourne. I feel like it was New York that it’s really glamorous, and I wish you would all come with me.

Have you ever been to Port Melbourne?


Updates on our class….

Each week this post will be up and I will tell you what’s been happening in the last week in our class. Leave a comment below if you like this idea. Keep looking at my blog and there will be lots more.


Voice Box

Today Mrs Smith told us that we have a voice box in our throat and it’s true. But I’m not talking about that I am talking about a voice box it means that you get a box and you can write anything you want to write you can write if there is any issues that you think your teachers need to look into you can write about how you think the class has been for the week, classroom arraignments, anything you want. This is just because teachers want you to have a say in lots of thing work anything. I think it’s a really good idea because it gives more quiet children a say in what they want to do and I really like that.

Do you think it’s a good idea to?



Amazon is a website that can help you find books, it has different types of books in has new releases, best sellers and age ranges. I really like amazon because for me it’s a really hard to find a book that I like and with Amazon I can find lots of books that I like. I feel that other people  will also like Amazon because if they are not really big readers and they sometimes find it hard to get a book they can go on Amazon and find lots of books. If you like a book tell your teacher and they can look up at what book you want to  get and they can see if it’s in store or if they have any reserves on that book and it’s a really good sight.

Do you think you would give it a try?

If you do tell me. Bye:)

100 Word Challenge


We had to write exactly 100 word not 1 over not 1 less it was hard this is what I wrote…

One sunny afternoon the day before prom, a girl did not have her dress. She was freaking out. She asked her mum if she could go to the shops. Thank goodness she said yes. So she went to the shops, and as she turned the corner BOOM she saw the perfect dress. She saw another girl with the same dress as her but did not take any notice. She tried it on and it fit perfectly.

(Day of prom.) She went to prom. Suddenly everything went silent because she saw someone with the same dress Oh My Golly, bad idea…

Mother’s Day

On Sunday the 10th of May is was mother’s day. I hope you all spoiled your mum’s, I know I did I made her breakfast in bed and gave my mum her presents and she loved them, but I also brought one more extra thing for my mum with my sister because she hadn’t brought anything for her yet. I also wrote a card and gave flowers to both of my grandparents, and my grandparents also came over for dinner and I had a really nice mother’s day spending time with my mum, and I hope you did to.

What did you do for your mum on Mother’s day?