Term 3!!!

It is finally term 3 and I am so excited. I am really looking forward to Inquiry because we get to go to the 5/6 and 3/4 classrooms and they will give us a presentation about an inquiry topic about earth and different areas about earth, then we will get to choose which one we want. I think my goal for this term is to be a bit more confident in everything I do, and to try and finish my work. I would like to improve in my thinking, I would like to be out of my comfort zone with my thinking and to not always do the some thing with my work. I am very excited about the concert. 5/6S 1st song is New York by Frank Sinatra mashed up with Empire State of Mind by Alisha Keys. Our 2nd is also a mash up with On the Road Again by Willie Nelson mashed up with I’m on my way by the proclaimers also mashed up with 500 miles. We are practicing a lot on our songs, I am looking forward how it will turn out. We have all so just came back from camp which was so fun I really enjoyed it but I think camp also motivated us to not be scared of anything because it was such an amazing experience. I am really excited about Term 3!!!