Grandparents Day:)

On Friday it was Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and it was amazing. My Grandparents came and we talked and also played a few games. I really enjoyed it, at first we invited them into our classrooms and then all the grandparents went into the hall and had morning tea, then the whole school with Grandparents and Special Friends had a mass and it was really beautiful and nice. Nicholas T and his Grandmother Josie spoke what it’s like to be a grandmother and what it’s like to be a Grandchild. I love Grandparents and Special Friends day because it’s a way to spend time with your loved ones, and I feel like it really nice to show them around and see what you have been doing in your classroom since they don’t really get a chance to. I love Grandparents and Special Friends day.

Bye 🙂

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