Progress on Inquiry unit….

Right now the year 3 to 6’s are doing different inquiry units, 3/4RT are doing solar system and planets, 3/4M are doing animal adaptation an the 5/6’s are doing natural disasters I am doing pretty well on my natural disasters I am finding lots of information but my question is not my title because you might change you question 10 times before you finally decide so I am just finding and researching my information. I am really excited for this unit I am going to do 5 questions for volcanoes and 5 questions for Tsunamis, the ways I think I am going to present my information is a word search and making a poster. I have learnt doing other projects not to read every single word of your information read the important bits because you are wasting time reading all of it so the best way to remember that tip is to write or type your important bits on queue cards and read of there and other people can read your other bits. What area are you doing?


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