Concert 2015!!!

Last Monday and this Monday we have had a practice of the whole school concert. I was so excited to see everyone’s dances. Everyone who had a acting part did there parts in front of the school,I Like New York best from my class which is 5/6S and I think everyone will like it to. On 7th of October it is the school concert and we will go down and do about 2 or 3 runs of the concert. For my classes New York outfits we are wearing a white long sleeve buttoned up shirt, black pants, black or white shoes, green arm bands, bright green suspenders and black or green sparkly hats, and for our hillbilly song we will be wearing long overalls with a long sleeve top and a cowboy or girl hat and boots, or we will be wearing, pants, a top, a hat and a flannel wrapped around our waist. I am so excited.

Why are you excited for our concert?


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