My hopes and goals in Term 4….

It’s Term 4 and I can’t believe it. I had a good but a bit boring holiday, how was yours? My hopes in Term 4 is to actually do more Religion I feel like we don’t do a lot in the class so I would like to do more. I don’t have many hopes so these are my Literacy, Maths and Y.C.D.I goals. My literacy goal is to make my storyline in my narratives to make more sense to entertain my reader more and I am going to do that by planning out my story’s better when I have the opportunity to. My Math goal is to get better at my Fractions, Decimals and Percentages like what is 1.2 in fractions and percentages that kind of help is what I need, and I am going to do that by estimating what it might my first then actually working it out and check with Mrs Smith. And my You Can Do It goal is to always bring my homework book because I all forget so I need to be more organised and I am going to do that by letting my mum check that I have got it. I am excited to what Term 4  can bring.

What are your hopes and goals this term?


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