Grandparents Day:)

On Friday it was Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and it was amazing. My Grandparents came and we talked and also played a few games. I really enjoyed it, at first we invited them into our classrooms and then all the grandparents went into the hall and had morning tea, then the whole school with Grandparents and Special Friends had a mass and it was really beautiful and nice. Nicholas T and his Grandmother Josie spoke what it’s like to be a grandmother and what it’s like to be a Grandchild. I love Grandparents and Special Friends day because it’s a way to spend time with your loved ones, and I feel like it really nice to show them around and see what you have been doing in your classroom since they don’t really get a chance to. I love Grandparents and Special Friends day.

Bye 🙂

18,000 Page Reading Challenge

bookworm-lowres1Starting tomorrow the whole class will be doing a challenge which is by the end of term 3 my whole class will have read 18,000 pages in our books altogether. I am really excited for it, every day we will write how many pages we read, then the next day we cross of the other number that you wrote and add on the number of pages you read the other night. I think it is a really good idea because it will encourage people that don’t really like reading to read because they want the class to reach 18,000 paged altogether.I feel really excited and happy because I haven’t done anything like it before.


3D shapes!!!

In our math’s unit recently we have been doing 3D shapes and angles. My class had a go at drawing some 3D shapes and it was harder that you would think. Here is a video on how to draw some 3D shapes. I hope you enjoy, bye:)

Term 3!!!

It is finally term 3 and I am so excited. I am really looking forward to Inquiry because we get to go to the 5/6 and 3/4 classrooms and they will give us a presentation about an inquiry topic about earth and different areas about earth, then we will get to choose which one we want. I think my goal for this term is to be a bit more confident in everything I do, and to try and finish my work. I would like to improve in my thinking, I would like to be out of my comfort zone with my thinking and to not always do the some thing with my work. I am very excited about the concert. 5/6S 1st song is New York by Frank Sinatra mashed up with Empire State of Mind by Alisha Keys. Our 2nd is also a mash up with On the Road Again by Willie Nelson mashed up with I’m on my way by the proclaimers also mashed up with 500 miles. We are practicing a lot on our songs, I am looking forward how it will turn out. We have all so just came back from camp which was so fun I really enjoyed it but I think camp also motivated us to not be scared of anything because it was such an amazing experience. I am really excited about Term 3!!!

My Life

I have not done this post in ages that’s because nothing exciting has happened to me but I am sorry if you wanted this post for ages, but finally today I am doing one. My parents told me and my sister that on the holidays we are going to Dromana I am so excited. And nothing else has really happened but I will definitely tell you if something does happen.

Has anything exciting happened to you?



I am excited about ….

I am excited about the holidays and camp. First holidays we get to relax, watch our favourite TV shows, sleep in and pack for camp. I don’t have plans for the holidays yet but I will.I am also super excited about camp on the first day back of term 3 the year 5/6’s are going on a bus to camp, we are going to Mt Evelyn I am so excited I feel nervous happy all different emotions. I have never been but I wonder what it’s going to be like. This I think is a picture of the cabin.

BanksiaWhat are you excited about?