I am going really good on my project. I have obviously got my fat 5 questions I only need 2 more answers to 2 questions. For my presentation I will be doing a poster and a word search. Here are my five questions:

What is the difference between underwater volcanoes and volcanoes that are above sea level?

How are volcanoes formed?

What do active volcanoes do?

How do you know when a volcano is extinct?

What are some of the most destructive volcanoes found?

I have found some interesting facts like:

Somewhere in the world there is at least 1 volcano erupting.

The rubbish that bursts from a volcano is know as fire fragment.

And lots of other facts. I really like volcanoes there is a lot to find out, and I feel like I am going to finish on time the way I am going. How are you going on your project?


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